Business Intelligence and Business Analytics Services

Business intelligence (BI) services assist organisations in making structured data-driven decisions. Techienet, an established provider of business intelligence solutions, combines data from several sources and employs analytics techniques to automatically extract insights from the input records.

Why Techienet?

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Sample BI Architecture

Components of a Business Analytics Solution We Build

Data quality management

Data profiling, cleaning, validation, and other techniques are used to identify and eliminate data abnormalities.

OLAP cubes

Data should be structured in a multidimensional way for self-service data analysis.

Data reporting and visualization

Immersive reports and interactive dashboards make analytics data easy to understand.

Data lake

Any sort of data, even huge data, can be stored.

Data warehouse

Structured data is stored in a centralised location for reporting and analysis.

Data security

Assuring that data is securely kept, transformed, and used.

ETL\ELT processes

Data extraction from a variety of sources, transformation into a predetermined format, and loading into a storage location.

Data science

Data mining, big data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are all examples of advanced analytics.

BI Framework by Techienet

Techienet has created a proprietary business intelligence framework that we utilize in our projects to ensure that the provided business intelligence solutions accomplish all of the duties that a comprehensive business intelligence solution should.

See Business Intelligence in Action

Techienet shows how customized dashboards can tell you the whole story about your company’s health and performance.

  • Planning

  • Trend analysis – identifying opportunities for a company’s business growth and challenges it is likely to face.

  • Forecasting and what-if scenario modeling – anticipating trends and outlining scenarios that guarantee success.

  • Plan analysis – looking for mismatches, bottlenecks or underutilized capacity in strategic and tactical planning, etc.
  • Plan execution and performance monitoring

  • Performance assessment – measuring business performance with relevant internal and external benchmarks.

  • Plan/actual comparison – comparing planned vs. actual performance to find deviations.

  • Root cause analysis – finding reasons for lower than planned performance.
  • Decision-making

  • Getting a comprehensive view of all corporate data with the slice-and-dice capability to examine data from different viewpoints (e.g., by time, organizational units, product categories, customer segments).

  • Highlighting growth opportunities and potential risks.

  • Drilling down and conducting correlation analysis to establish the cause-effect relationship between variables.

  • Conducting change impact analysis.
  • Optimization

  • Optimizing internal processes or operations by employing business analytics insights.
  • Business Analytics Services We Offer

    BI consulting

    BI advisory services to guide you through the BI implementation or optimization process.

    BI implementation

    ScienceSoft delivers a full-scale BI solution tailored to your business needs by:

    BI as a service

    ScienceSoft provides a fully configured BI platform backed up by AWS and Azure for in-cloud business analysis on a subscription fee basis:

    BI support and evolution

    ScienceSof helps businesses meet the newly arisen BI needs and optimize BI costs and performance by offering:

    BI Solutions We Deliver

    Enterprise intelligence

    Operational intelligence

    Customer intelligence

    Transportation and logistics

    Production intelligence

    Brand and product intelligence

    Supply chain intelligence

    Enterprise asset intelligence


    Embrace BI Capabilities with Techienet

    With a full-scale and well-tuned BI solution in-house or BI as a service you can:

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