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  • IT consulting services assist you in developing a successful IT strategy. Techienet has been providing IT consulting services since 2020 and can professionally assist your IT and digital transformation programs from idea to implementation.
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What Is IT Consulting?

Let’s start with a definition of IT consulting. To comprehend the responsibilities of an IT consultant, consider the project job of a consultant in general. A consultant is someone who has been trained to provide advise in a variety of job fields. As a result, you can count on your IT consultant to be an expert in all aspects of computer technology.

A company that provides this service may name it technology consulting, computing consulting, business and technology services, or computer consultancy in addition to IT consulting.

As we mentioned in the introduction, the role of your IT consulting expert or team is to assist your organisation in achieving its technological objectives by providing professional advice and coaching. The expert will listen to your existing tech issues before devising a solution that is appropriate for your specific situation.

The expert will provide you an estimate as well as a timetable for when the work will be completed. If you go forward, you’ll create, implement, and assess your strategy with the help of an IT consultant expert or team. The project should only be considered complete if your problem has been resolved.

Our IT Consulting Services

Digital transformation consulting

Goal: The goal is to increase the efficiency of your firm by planning, prioritizing, and directing your digital transformation projects.

IT strategy consulting

Goal: The idea is to match your IT assets to your present and future business objectives.

IT assessment

Goal: To discover ways to increase the efficiency, security, and compliance of your IT infrastructure while lowering expenses

IT operations consulting

Goal: To develop long-term IT skills that can support business plans

IT system implementation

Goal: To plan and deploy business software that provides the highest value and lowest total cost of ownership

Technology consulting

Goal: To deliver disruptive changes to your company model and procedures by integrating transformational new technologies

IT infrastructure management

Goal: To introduce disruptive changes to your company’s model and operations via the use of transformative new technologies

Web Security Consulting

Goal: To ensure your IT infrastructure’s reliability and flexibility

IT poject and program management

Goal: To coordinate activities across one or more IT projects in order to obtain a speedier project process and better results

Managed application services

Goal: Help keep your company apps up to date and in sync with changing demands

Transformative Techs for Advanced IT Strategies

Cloud computing

Data security, on-demand resource scalability, and reduced IT infrastructure maintenance costs. Cloud app deployment and migration are both quick and painless.


Your IT infrastructure and assets are protected from outsider and insider cyber attacks.

Machine learning

Natural language processing, root cause analysis, data-based forecasting, predictive maintenance, operations optimization, and more may all benefit from pre-trained machine learning models.

Artificial intelligence

Computer vision, speech recognition, predictive analytics, robotic process automation, and more are some examples of context-based personalization.

Big data

Data storage, processing, and analysis that is efficient.

Data science

Advanced data analytics options include operational intelligence, facial recognition, and e-commerce optimization, to mention a few.


Transparent supply chain management, financial data recording, NFT trading, cryptocurrency mining, clinical trial tracking, and more are all possible with these solutions.


Preventive machinery maintenance, energy consumption optimization, environmental monitoring, remote medical diagnoses and treatment, smart factories, and other solutions are available.

Virtual reality

Virtual worlds that are simulated for professional, instructional, and leisure purposes.

Augmented reality

Bringing virtual elements into a real-world setting. It’s frequently used in marketing and teaching.

Computer vision

Visual data analysis and interpretation Face and emotion recognition, computer-aided diagnostics, damage assessment, and other applications.

Multi-component ERP

A software ecosystem that spans the whole company and includes modules that serve various business operations.

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